Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Twin Cycles-Boss Style

Did I ever tell you that story of how I finally had to tell my boss that we were TTC? Yeah, it was August, right before I got the BFP. I was so convinced that I was not + and was prepared to do IVF in October.
She had a lot of travel scheduled for me the same month and I told her I couldn't do it....and she asked why...and well, I had to tell her.
It has ended up being a really good thing. She has a son, 18 months old, is the same age as me, suffered an early miscarriage this summer while TTC #2 and we've been able to talk about a lot of things.
What I didn't realize is that we are on the same.exact.cycle. And did I mention she is TTC as well?
And that we are a 2-person team? If we get pregnant at the same time...oh dear.
I admit I'm jealous that she is the same age as me and tonight has access to fresh, free sperm.
I don't want it to feel like a contest...but it feels a little like a race.

Day 14. I've been temping, charting, peeing on sticks. I find it very reassuring that my body is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing. My chart looks excellent, I've got EWCM, I'm surging and...I must be releasing intoxicating pheromones because last night FOUR guys blatantly hit on me as I was walking and 2 this morning on my way to work. They must smell my body is ripe for baby's crazy. I have something they want and they have something I need. It would be so easy...except for that pesky lesbian business.

Sitting out a cycle has been relatively stress-free and easy. I've enjoyed it up until this day when I just want to get my hands on some sperm.


cindyhoo2 said...

LOL! My partner and I have the same sort of discussion. If only we had some fresh, free sperm hanging about the house, all might be easier... of course the little swimmers tend to come attached to testicles, which is much less appealing. :-) Enjoy your cycle off.

Anonymous said...

Well, if it is a competition then I hope you win!

Free, fresh sperm can be so tempting. Some days in desperation I want to just go to a bar, drink some tequila, and get some free, fresh sperm. But yeah, then you got the testicles and the STDs to deal with. I'll stick with frozen.

Les Make Babies said...

That's hilarious! The night before our transfer, we found out that Chile's national soccer team was in town for a couple of games. We could have saved thousands by buying a mini skirt and a bottle of tequila and heading straight for the locker room! :)

mulberry said...

an interesting theme is emerging... tequila and testicles... sounds complicated, you and your boss being on the same schedule. great one moment and not so great the next. do you think she is going to give you trouble when one of you gets pregnant? will she try and pressure you to wait, or be testy if you get pregnant first because she than thinks she will need to wait? awkward...

eeney meeney miney mommy said...

Ha! They are always sooo willing to give it away until you hand them the cup and the lube, then they are all shy about it! JK.
Cat is considereing changing to boxers but I don't think it will help with her sperm count.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling good about your cycle off and that your chart's looking so good. I find that a nice, tidy chart can put me in such a good mood...what a strange world ttc is.

Anonymous said...

One of my closest friends is now trying to get pregnant and I hate it. I mean, I love her and obviously I want her to get pregnant-- just not before me. I am spending a fair amount of time lately being afraid that that is just what will happen.