Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bangkok Thanksgiving

One year ago we celebrated Thanksgiving in Bangkok.  We thought this would be our last bit "hurrah" of a holiday.  We thought we'd maybe be pregnant by now.  We were wrong.  We have learned a lot in this past year.  We will learn more in the next. has been an amazing year.  I've tried to make the most of every month and to take life as it comes.  I'm thankful for this blog community for helping me along the way.  And for my wife...who is always there for me.  

That meal looks a little different, huh?  Yes, those are leaves.  Yes, you eat them.  

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I ADORE that eat-the-leaf dish. One of our local Thai places offers it, and it's fun to introduce those tastes to new people. Wrapping up all the yummy tidbits (especially the ginger) makes me so very very happy.

Happy Thanksgiving!