Sunday, November 16, 2008

One Missed Phone Call

I had the most perfect day with my girl today.  We had breakfast, drove to the beach, had a 3 mile beach walk, shopped for a new bikini for K (no small accomplishment to find one and we did!) had lunch outside...and shopped for shoes to bring to the Grams.

Who needs a phone?  Not me.  I've got my baby right here and all is right with the world.  If anyone calls I can call them back, right?  Wrong.

Imagine my surprise when I finally checked my voicemail on the way to the airport:

Hello [insert real name],
This is Gladys from Delta airlines in Melbourne.  If you could get to the airport around 3:30, we would love to put you in a cab to Orlando, for free, and fly you non-stop, first-class from Orlando to New York.  We hope you can make it.

Did I make it?  Why no, I did not and had another tight connection in the airport from hell also known as Hotlanta in which I almost missed my flight to NYC and was wedged in a middle seat.
It pays to have elite flight status.  It pays even more when you are a true American who obsessively carries a mobile at all times.  Especially on flight days.

PS--My temp totally spiked this morning!  In fact, it is the clearest temp spike I've ever seen on my chart.  Not so happy with the fact that I ovulated on Day 17 though...
Nothing a little Clo.mid can't help next month.


N said...

Are you concerned about a CD17 ovulation?

And, ugh. Of course, that would happen to me, too, as I NEVER remember to check my phone... Glad you made it home safely.

Jen said...

CD17 isn't so bad, at least you had a clear spike! Boo about the middle seat. I hate being wedged in the middle. I hope you had a good trip- I totally need a vacation.