Saturday, November 8, 2008

Roast Chicken Season

I thought I'd get a chance to wear that pretty dress tonight--the one I didn't get to show off at the wedding last week because I was sick.
We were supposed to go to a benefit dinner/dance tonight, but had held off buying the tickets as I was sickly.  Alas, they were sold out, so our friends will have to tell us how fabulous it was.

Instead, we saved ourselves some cash and decided to go get a massage instead.  One blissful hour later we poured out onto the city streets so relaxed we could have gone to bed.
But the evening was early and there was much cooking to be done.  We received the next-to-last of our farm share this past Thursday and tonight we put them to good use with a lovely roast chicken and vegetables--acorn squash, pumpkin, sweet potato, leeks, carrots, rutabagas and onions all topped with K's yummy chicken gravy.  What a fantastic dinner for a rainy Saturday night!

We've had an awesome day despite the gloomy weather.  It's been the first day I've felt somewhat 'normal' health-wise and it was just so nice to have the energy to get things DONE.
Very productive indeed and I'm looking forward to the sun shining tomorrow and getting outside.

Happy Saturday night!  We're going to put the TV to good use and watch a movie now.

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