Saturday, November 7, 2009

Are They Hippie-Like Types?

I was explaining to my mom how Chicken's parents came to live in the most drive-through, blink you'll miss it, upstate village (you could be excluded from the Vietnam draft if you got married and agreed to be a teacher upstate) and that's how a lot of these 'cool' upstate towns got populated.
She looked at me, narrowed her eyes and said, "So....are they...hippie-like types?"
I burst out laughing because really, in 2009 what do you say about this type of question?
"Mom, I don't even know what you mean by that. Can you define what that means to you?"
"Well, you know....did they practice free love?" (So, that's what I am, I'm a hippie-like type!)
"Mom, I've never asked Chicken's parents if they practiced free love, if you'd like to ask them go ahead. I know everyone smoked a lot of pot, but people are still smoking a lot of pot."

So, we're off to see the hippies!!


cindyhoo2 said...

That is sooo funny! Your poor mother just can't figure out what to do with you, can she? You eat weird food, share a life with a woman and have hippie in-laws. You are upsetting her whole picture of how life is ordered. Perhaps your mother and my mother should begin emailing. My mother also thinks that I am just a bit too odd for her comfort. :-)

Does your mom know you are carrying Chicken's eggs?

Anonymous said...

This sounds exactly like Cat's 74 yr old eastern european mega catholic mom talking about my parents. I had to laugh.

Two Moms, Two Monkeys said...

Too funny! I have to give the woman credit, she is still there and being nice, even if you are an alien being!

Hanen said...

Love it! Maybe she thought it was too confronting to say "are they hippies?"

(or maybe only hippies refer to people directly as "hippies" rather than as "hippy-like types"!)

Anonymous said...

Ha love it! I'm glad the trip's going well (at least I'm assuming it still is!), and very glad that you're house issues seem to be sorting themselves out too - great news all round :)