Thursday, November 19, 2009

Only Seven?

You know you're very pregnant and probably deficient in iron when you open your menu at the Vietnamese lunch place and the first thing you see is, "Seven Courses of Beef, $32" and you think, "YES. Yes, this is the answer to everything I've always wanted in life."
And then you remember you used to be a vegetarian and it all seems so bizarre and distant and why would anyone not want Seven Courses of BEEF?? Who was that Veggie Puff?

I got to have lunch with this lovely blogger today, who laughed at my giddy delight over the beef extravaganza. I did not order it. But I did have BBQ beef vermicelli with pork spring rolls. Oh heavenly YUM.

In other news, another nose bleed. I came this close to taking a photo for y'all. Maybe next time.


journeytowardsourbaby said...

ha love it - I've heard of so many vegetarians lately falling by the wayside thanks to being pregnant, must be hard!

thebao said...

HA! That is awesome & hilarious. Also, I want to eat what you ate, but mostly because of the vermicelli and spring roll casing.

Libberal said...

Too funny. Next time you must order the seven courses.