Monday, November 16, 2009

Iron Update

Thanks everyone for your helpful comments and suggestions.

Giggleblue and Bree: Floradix is what I've been taking. I agree, tastes nasty as hell. I've already been taking an Omega 3/DHA since week 6, so that is covered.

Adventures in BabyMaking: I hadn't thought about thalassemia, but I will ask about that at the appt on Wednesday.

ReproGenius: I eat a lot of organic yogurt, at least one serving a day. Does it have to be a specific probiotic? I thought all natural yogurt had them, but I could be wrong.

Kate: That's a good point. I had already taken the supplement today, but I'll lay off Tuesday and Wednesday. I doubt that 2 days of the supplement would have much of an effect on the reading, but better to get the most accurate reading possible.

After doing a bit of research and taking into account that I need to try to have Vitamin C with the iron, but not have dairy within a 2 hour window (tricky, tricky because I make a smoothie every morning for breakfast), I came up with the following plan:

I've been drinking a glass of SuperFood A.mazing Grass powder mixed with OJ every morning, so I'll take the Iron with that and have a breakfast that doesn't contain dairy--saving the smoothie for an afternoon snack.
Easy enough, right?
Because I'm on thyroid meds as well. Those you take first thing in the morning and I cannot eat ANY food within one hour (try that pregnant!!) and I learned you cannot take Iron within FOUR hours of the thyroid meds.

SO. I guess I have my regular smoothie and brekkie, regular lunch where I take my prenatal and DHA/Omega 3 and then set an alarm for two hours later to remind me it's time to take the Green Juice and Iron.
Then, regular dinner at least two hours after that, with my calcium, magnesium, zinc and baby aspirin taken at bedtime.

Not too complicated. Ha.
Does that sound right? Suggestions??
I had no idea the how's and when's and what's to eat during pregnancy would end up this mind-boggling!

As far as the constipation goes--I was not doing the smoothie or the green juice on a daily basis when I was experiencing this problem. I'm hoping these two things keep it going in the right direction. Otherwise, I have also been given the green light on flax seed oil gel caps if needed.

BTW--I have felt better in the past 2 days--not sure if it's the added supplement + beef or I've finally recovered from my past week's mommy visit exhaustion or if it's all of the above combined together, but it was really nice not to feel like I was going to faint today. Dare I say, I felt a bit back to normal.

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reproducinggenius said...

Any natural yogurt hasprobiotics, but kefir has more for some reason (and is beautifully blended into smoothies).

It sounds like you have a very good--albeit complex-plan. I hope you continue to feel better!