Monday, November 2, 2009

Week 23 Recap

How Far Along? 23 weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? +24 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Loving the maternity pants, but have little use for maternity shirts. Most of my old sweaters can be worn and all of Chicken's sweaters have become my 'showcase' the bump wardrobe. I think b/c I'm short is why I can still wear so many of my regular tops/sweaters.
Got a free black puffy down coat from D.estination Maternity from a twin mom and bought a used dressier maternity coat for $25. I 'should' be all set now.

Sleep? I have not had any leg cramps or hip pain. It just disappeared, but I do a lot of stretching before bedtime, so maybe that's the ticket. I still have to use the nose strips b/c I can breathe without them. Overall, sleep is actually better than it has been in the past. No complaints.

Aches and Pains? Having some pelvic pain for the first time as the twins get heavier, but this is normal. I just have to remember to take it easy when it starts up.
I am having back pain, but I also tend to do too much and stress out my back, so again, I have to take it easy. I hurt my back when I bent over to get something and have never felt such a sharp pain. It was horrible and really hit it home that I have to be careful these days.

Best Moments of the Week? Having our 'friends' baby shower, receiving so many wonderful gifts, finding crib bedding , scoring some awesome used baby gear from the twins mom's club.

Indulging in the first, real, caffeinated latte I've had since getting pregnant. OMG. It was the best I've ever had, in any country. If you are in NYC or visiting, you have to go here. I did not feel guilty. Plus, afterwards I had the best poo I've had in weeks!

We may have come to a final decision on names. It certainly is getting closer....but damn it's hard to pick out FOUR names (eight if you count the middle names).

Movement: The thumpers are thumping ALL the time. There is a lot going on in there! It's so reassuring to feel so much movement. I love singing to them and feeling them move in response to my voice.

Food Craving: Any of the baked good from this place. I'm addicted. Olive oil cake, carrot cake, cinnamon swirl cake, maple ginger cake. It's all I can do not to go here once a day.

Food Aversions: None, but my appetite is not what it used to be and I have to try to eat more (and not just baked goods!).

Morning sickness? None.

Gender: It's either a boy or a girl. Or two of each.

Labor Signs: Nope.

Belly Button: Top half out, bottom half in.

What I miss: Hot baths! Bending over to get anything. I now do deep knee squats and use whatever furniture is nearby to help myself back up if needed. What a change!

What I'm looking forward to: My mom is flying in this week and we are going upstate for the 'family' baby shower; another ultrasound with the thumpers to see how they are doing and how I'm doing.

Weekly Wisdom: I now understand how you can be so exhausted after your baby shower. It was sort of like being at our wedding--never sitting down, always mingling, barely eating anything. But, it was so much fun! I wish it could've lasted all day.

Milestones: Getting through another week with no complications. I feel so grateful this has been thus far such an easy pregnancy.

Still walking everywhere although not as much and I'm slower. These days I average about 6 miles a week. I'm trying to walk as much as possible and save my energy for swimming when it's cold outside and I'm feeling too big and heavy to walk. Those days are coming....soon.


Two Moms, Two Monkeys said...

Very exciting that you are doing so well! Enjoy your baby shower!

AdventuresInBabyMaking said...

Hurray for a fantastic poo!

anofferingoflove said...

i cannot believe you are 23 weeks already! it feels like you were just writing your post-transfer story. wow!

tiff said...

Great update, and I must say the belly is AWESOME!!! xo

Anonymous said...

It's so great to read that your pregnancy is going so well. You sound great.

Next in Line said...

I don't know how you came up with so many names! We struggled endlessly to come up with two.