Friday, November 13, 2009

Some Days are Better Than Others

This has been a really challenging week. Most of the time, when people ask me how I'm doing or feeling, I say "great!" because I honestly have felt great the majority of this pregnancy.
Right now it's not going so well.
I don't know if it's the culmination of events starting with my mom coming last week and we quickly started in on house projects, followed by an exhausting weekend of travel/family/baby showers, then continued on with more house projects OR if I'm just starting to get to that stage of my pregnancy where things are going to get harder. Or both.
But, today has sucked.

I stayed up last night waiting for Chicken's flight--which was 2 hours late. By the time we got to bed it was almost 2am. She woke up 5 hours later and that woke me up and I tossed and turned forever trying to fall back asleep. I need sleep so badly and I am having a hard time getting good sleep. I finally gave up and got up to have breakfast and try to get some things done, but only 4 hours later I was dying to keep my eyes open and had to go take a nap.

Except that I couldn't lay down without feeling like I was going to vomit. This has been happening from time to time. What do you call this? If I eat and then don't stay up in an upright position for hours, the food feels like it's just piled in the back of my throat if I lay down. Does this have a name? Is this happening to anyone else?

I stayed in bed for 3 hours alternating between sitting up reading and trying to lay down, but no luck. I never got that nap and only frustrated myself every time I had to sit up and burp it all out.

We were supposed to have dinner with friends tonight--a dinner that was very hard to plan and has been in the works for months trying to get everyone's schedules to coordinate. Instead, here I am, in the same clothes I woke up in (OK, I am wearing my boots as slippers--I never want to take them off but I've not worn them outside yet) wondering when I can try to go back to bed. Urgh.

Chicken is home and I am so happy she's here, but she's stressed out with her job and doesn't have much time to help me do things this weekend because she has so much work to do (her job never ends, it's 7 days a week). There's so much I need help with these days--stupid stuff like getting something heavy off a top shelf or lifting something. I feel so helpless and guilty that I can't do it all myself anymore.

But then, as I'm sitting here, I feel the thumpers thumping around and I lift up my shirt and can see strange movement from the outside and I smile knowing that tomorrow is a new day and we're all going to be OK.

Sometimes, you just have a crappy day.


tireegal68 said...

awww...that sounds just plain crappy! I don't know about any pregnancy symptoms ( yet!) but it sounds miserable.
I hope that Chicken is able to de-stress and be there for you when you need her. It sounds like a difficult week all around. But yes, you have the thumpers ( great name!) to remind you how amazing this whole thing is too!
take care:)
hope you can finally get some rest:)
PS I know a friend of mine was prescribed ambien when she was in the last trimester and it really helped - not sure if that is something you would consider or if it's an option for you.

Rainbow Family (B and J) said...

Hi, it sounds like you're doing everything you can trying to rest up as much as you can. It must be hard having Chicken away so much and then being busy when she's home. I hope you can get some sleep and that funny nausea/having to sit up after food thing passes. Take care, BIG HUGS

Meredith said...

I hope you get good one on one time with Chicken and a bit of less interrupted sleep this weekend.

Next in Line said...

Digestion issues! Bluck and double bluck. Pregnancy squishes stomachs and there is a valve in the pipe that also doesn't close as well.

What it means is that the next time you leave your house it has to be to buy a reclining chair. That way you can nap or go to bed in it and sleep until your stomach is ready to lay flat. No amount of tums or prescription medicine works as well as a recliner.

Chris said...

Maybe you can enlist a friend to help you with the little stuff when chicken isn't there so you can enjoy time with her more?
As for the digesting thing, I had that a little bit towards the end of my pregnancy. It help if I just ate little bits of food, instead of actual meals. Like instead of meals, I would just snack all day.
Hang in there. It's all worth it.