Sunday, November 8, 2009

Goddess Exhaustion

My mom survived the hippies and I survived almost 8 hours (combined) in a car, one overnight trip to the in-laws, one car trip further north to see the gay dads for dinner, one baby shower for us on Saturday (which was great) and one baby shower on Sunday for my sister-in-law (which we all agreed was the most boring event we'd ever been to). The Sunday shower absolutely killed me as it was in a big anonymous catering hall, with mediocre food and uncomfortable chairs. It lasted waaaaay too long and by the time we left I wanted to cry.
I haven't felt that exhausted the entire pregnancy. It was just too much and made me not want to travel for the rest of the pregnancy.
My feet and legs were swollen for only the 2nd time this pregnancy and I truly felt miserable.

BUT-we all survived and it's so humbling to be 'showered' with so many amazing gifts and told how great you look all weekend.
Best moment of the entire weekend was Sunday morning when Chicken's cousin requested to see me naked and then declared, "wow, you look like a goddess".
I'll take it.


Anonymous said...

Can we go back to the part about Chicken's cousin wanting to see you naked. Um, and you complied?! If I had only thought to as at your other shower...

I hope you get some time to rest. xo

Pufferfish said...

I have no problems getting naked. All you had to do was ask:)

Chris said...

Really? All we have to do is ask?
I'm asking!

CJ said...

Where are THOSE pictures?!?! Naked baby bellies are hot! (and I mean that in the most un-creepy way possible!!)